Embedded Solutions

  • Hardware
  • Software

Exceptional Expertise

The growing intricacy of chip design, coupled with the imperative to minimize process design costs and size, is steering the industry toward embedded software systems. AMBIT excels in providing top-tier embedded software services to address these evolving demands.

Medical Electronics:

Our expertise extends to the research and development of electronic instruments for healthcare, seamlessly merging embedded systems with medical science. From medical device design to EEG diagnosis devices, we aim to enhance healthcare services and contribute to the evolution of BCI technology.

Agriculture Electronics:

AMBIT pioneers Agriculture Electronics by integrating soil sensors in fields, empowering smart agriculture for superior yields.

Defence Surveying:

We play a crucial role in the defence sector by developing controllers for drones, facilitating disaster surveying and supporting defence applications.

Electric Vehicles (EV):

Contributing to a sustainable future, AMBIT develops Battery Management System (BMS) chips for electric vehicles, aligning with environmental goals.


Our commitment to innovation extends to the education sector by developing student tabs, replacing traditional bags and reducing health hazards. This initiative also aids in environmental conservation by minimising paper usage and reducing tree cutting.

Consistent Success

AMBIT's turnkey embedded software development initiatives have consistently proven instrumental in reducing costs and complexities for numerous clients. Our team's proficiency in delivering exceptional results while overcoming business challenges has solidified our standing in this competitive market. With a track record of success, we have consistently delivered highly effective services within the budget and timeline constraints specified by our clients.

Our Expertise Includes:
Firmware Development
Development of Device Driver
Board Bring-up Solutions
Functional Validation
Power Testing
Board Support Package (BSP)
Boot Loader Development
Linux/Android Kernel Development
Silicon Post Validation
Software Solutions
We specialize in:
Software/App Development
Artificial Intelligence
Testing (Manual/Auto)
Data management