Ranjitha Jonnalagadda

Director HR & Finance

Ranjitha, the Co-founder & Director of AMBIT Semiconductors, stands as the driving force behind the company's strategic success. Steering both the Human Resource and Finance departments, Ranjitha plays a pivotal role in shaping the organizational landscape. With a keen eye for optimization, she strategically navigates the realms of human, time, and material resources. Her balanced approach, honed by vast experience, has become synonymous with achieving company goals consistently. It is this unwavering commitment that has not only defined AMBIT’s trajectory but has been a catalyst for substantial business growth.

As the linchpin between management and employees, Ranjitha ensures that the intricate web of employment relations runs seamlessly, aligning with the mission and vision of this organisation. Under Ranjitha's stewardship, AMBIT Semiconductors has evolved into a beacon of innovation and excellence. As a key player in nearly every organisational process, Ranjitha continues to be the cornerstone of AMBIT Semiconductors, propelling the company to new heights in the dynamic landscape of semiconductor technology.